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February 09, 2013


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BTW, he met his wife in the jury box of that fake trial. Awwwww……

Dear God. What if they breed?


"Why bother with the facts when 'OMG scary black cop-killing Obama supporter' plays so well to their racist base?"

Why indeed? One of the birther blogs I monitor has followed this trajectory exactly. They love dark seasoning with their red meat...

No apologies required. Just keep making sure the bastards know they can't get away with it.


I know there's no point in trying to find logic in these craxy rants, but I couldn't help noticing from Someone from Delta's hissy fit:

Obama disrespected The United States by "supposedly" throwing Osama's body into the ocean….PROOVE IT! I might add that was a funeral fit for a king..

Is Someone from Delta implying that (a) OBL's death and subsequent funeral remains un-proven and that (b) OBL had a funeral fit for a king? I don't think they can be outraged at both of these things at the same time.

Oh, who am I kidding? Of course they can.

Thomas Brown

Of course. Just like Obama's a Muslim AND the preacher at his Christian church was a black radical.


The Magic M

> Dr. Orly's jailhouse courtroom prop, Keith Judd, files

He doesn't seem to realize that if one replaces "Assault Rifles" with "nuclear missiles" in his rant, it would make just about the same sense. Why is the latter forbidden and the former isn't?
Wouldn't it be perfect wingnut logic to claim citizens have a right to own nuclear weapons to deter Teh Big Ebil Gubnment from coming for them?

The Magic M

> can investigate all the evidence provided and prove that Barack Obama is not in fact guilty

Another interesting insight in their mindset - law enforcement does not investigate whether someone is guilty, no, they start out assuming someone is guilty and "try" to prove his innocence. And if they fail, it means he'll go to jail. So "guilty until proven innocent". Charming.

If these people ever came to power, you'd see an exodus that would dwarf Jewish emigration from Nazi Germany. (As much as I dislike invoking Godwin's Law.)

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