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February 11, 2013


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Thomas Brown

Patrick! You used "slattern" in a sentence! That's right up there with "harridan," one of my favorites. "Harpy" would work too.

Finding epithets appropriate for Orly really taxes the vocabulary.


"'Dalekmaster42 17 hours ago

So let me get this straight - it's DHS' fault that birthers can't be bothered to build a properly secured website?'


Thank you, thank you. I was rather proud of it myself. Being quoted on your blog is quite an honor.

The Magic M

> Let's just say that Missler is another pulpit birther.

He's also the one who claimed he had disproved evolution by staring at peanut butter. The common standard of birther "experts" on teh Constitution and teh Pee Dee Effs.

Also from his Wikipedia article I gather that his "Dr" is probably another self-ordained title similar to that of Manning (since it doesn't mention it at all).


"One of the more common traits of the birtherstani, other than being delusional and allergic to facts and reality, is they're usually very thin-skinned. They have no problems using the most vile and racist terminology to refer to the President of the United States, have no problems calling debunkers "traitors" and the like....

....and then they whine when anyone says something even slightly critical about them or publically disproves their lies."

well, they have to (over)compensate in some way for the fact that all of their bs is of the easily disposable kind, don't they?


Just like the good preacher, I am a PhD in Religion with a minister's ticket...all it cost me was $125.00 and a multiple guess test with a short "essay" AKA in the Birther world as a doctoral thesis.

The Magic M

> and then they whine when anyone says something even slightly critical about them or publically disproves their lies

Typical of the bullied bully. Another good example is The Donald.

Also, criticism and disagreement is typically "bullying" or "silencing" by RWNJ's, if they don't invoke Godwin's Law outright.

Andrew Vrba, PmG

You're "The Doctor", I'm sure of it!

Why should i o it

Thanks for the great article..

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