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July 03, 2013


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M. Heuss

Based on the direness of your post - let me just say I am sending best wishes to you and your loved ones.

Patrick McKinnion

Not my immediate loved ones, rather some dear friends, but thanks. *smile*


My thoughts to you and your dear friends Pat.

Mike Duhamey

Speaking for the Real Patriots™ here, take time you need, and when you do, you will owe us big time 😊.


Obots in retreat!

Sit quietly, study your Alinsky, and await instructions from our Soviet Overlords (who are definitely NOT shape-shifting Lizard People, so stop saying that, you guys.)

Patrick McKinnion

Obot - You know what's pathetic?

"Rambo Ike" took you seriously.

"You’re out of line. Did you read the orders one of the leaders of your Cesspool left at McKinnion’s smear site. You’re not supposed to be engaging patriots at this present time. Your orders are “to sit quietly, study your Alinsky, and await instructions from your Soviet Overlords.."

Then again, it's not like the birthers are known for a sense of sarcasm, sense of humor, logic, common sense, patriotism, sanity.........


Holy crud... There really isn't anything they won't believe if it fits their hateful storyline, is there?

Patrick McKinnion

Obot - Pretty much. They either believe it, or they don't believe it but they're willing to parrot it anyway if it fits their narrative.

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