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August 02, 2013


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This Nancy Owens person is sadly not just an attention seeker, but very mentally unstable/delusional. She talks in one of her videos about how disappointed she is at republicans for showing favor to "conservative hispanics" because she says conservative Hispanics are invading this country and committing genocide on white Americans, "chopping them up and throwing them into acid baths" .. This lady is one sick sick puppy. I wouldn't justify her attention seeking behavior by drawing any more attention to her tasteless rants .. We've seen some mentally ill birthers but this one is beyond the pale.


Nancy also talks about bodies being buried in her old yard (her former residence) on one of her ORYR comments .. Someone this delusional could very well be dangerous. Her rants remind me of Aileen Wuornos , total disconnect with reality. Scary.


Wow. Just wow. These people are horrible examples of "patriotic Americans".


Refresh my memory ... is it Nugent who claimed that if Pres. Obama were re-elected, within a year he (Nugent) would be dead or in jail?

We can only dream.


Most of you people hear are brain dead, we have a communist dictator and you people are too dumb to see that. Wait till this dictator destroys our Country maybe then you morons will wake T.F. up. You people and this stupid writer all deserves to have all of your rights and freedom taken away by some two bit illegal with his forge birth certificate take away all of your rights and live in a country run by the Sharia laws.

And this fraudster will bow down to muslims and kiss ass while he destroys this nation.


Hey Mtinmo, Moron!!!!

if anybody is anti American it is you, what is wrong with you? Moron!! go back to whatever hole you crawl out of and take Obongo with you.

Patrick McKinnion

Millie - I have to say your rants make up for in buzzwords what they lack in facts, literacy, common sense, reality, or sanity.


Sorry, Millie. There aren't any "brain dead" people here. You, however, have been brain washed by the extreme right wing nutters and faux Christians.


Ah, Millie! Why don't you reread your posts? You'll notice that they contain lots of charges and insults and not a single substantiated fact.

Does that help you understand why birtherism is widely regarded as a baseless political smear?

I mean, it's really a textbook example.

Vattel Toys

Yes, because the house and senate are passing so many bills lately, especially ones imparting Sharia law.

These are the rantings of someone who hates Obama so much, he has taken the image of someone that can do anything (a dictator), impart laws without congress and forge his way into the presidency. For a communist dictator 5 years into his term tho, he's doing a lousy job. I can't find a mosque around here anywhere.


There's one in our town...of course, people around here are sane, so no one has vandalized it or picketed it.

I suppose it could happen.

Millie, it doesn't help your cause that your first language does not appear to be anything resembling English. Where did you learn to write?


Well, Millie, don't mince words...why don't you tell us how you really feel?

And after you're done, how about offering your solution to this grave national problem.

Besides spouting angry weather-beaten cliches, that is.

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