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September 06, 2013


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Man, I had to look this up on the net. And you gave up reporting on the birthers for this ? Please think again

Your European

Patrick McKinnion

TheEuropean - I parked this piece here while I work at getting my bad movie blog up and running.

I'm a lot happier now leaving the birthers to stew in their own private hell. Thank you though!

Gene Finneran

I'm surprised Quest Support didn't mention the Glockenspiel !!


CHrist, this is why I played WOW for 2 weeks and quit. Most games disquieted the "get 10 bear ears, ok good, now 12 bear tails" crap better.

The Magic M

"So your Sword of the Palsy Runtbugger isn't working while you hold the Slurmswagger Shield of Croth?
I'm afraid there's a compatibility iss... I mean, BLACK MAGIC INFLUENCE from the Grand Wizard of LegalDepartment that prevents all warriors of the light from using this otherwise flawless combination, unless you have collected the drelve poopgems from the flumpteen princesses of Nether Row - or purchased the expan... I mean, paid your tributes to the King of Steamland!"

Andrew Vrba, PmG

If you're gonna be posting bad movie topics soon, I have two words that will give you endless material.
"Godfrey Ho"
Think Ed Wood, but Asian!


Come back we turn our lonely eyes to you

Ross the Boss

You did something very important with this website...documenting the trend of anti-social, dark insanity that such a huge part of the rightwing base have sunken to. It's a bit of history and something American's need to learn from. This is the forefront of a destructive tendency that is bound to get worse unchecked.
I have a feeling we're going to see many more
Jim David Adkisson's in our day. We need more people like you to tell the tale of what's going on...

We'll miss ya.

Ross the Boss

Did my comment get deleted? :(

Ross the Boss

Nevermind, I forgot you had moderation on. Cheers ;)

Ross the Boss

Come back Patrick. Where are your movie reviews ! .. We keep looking, hoping for something. anything.
You are missed :)


Pleas come back

Ross the Boss

How you been Patrick? Missing your writing ... We appreciated what you did for years here. It's a bit of a void not having your witty insights to look forward to anymore.

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