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April 10, 2014


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Good to see you're back!

Jane Whitman

I find this most disturbing:

...a female Nubian Goat wearing fishnet stockings.

Quite obviously, you are not taking the greatest threat ever to confront our Great Nation (under God) seriously.

Oh yeah, and welcome back!


Yay Pat! Succumbed to the Dark Side again I see?


Welcome back!


Glad to see you back, were sorely missed.

They are so upset about ridicule. I think the birthers are more upset about ridicule than court defeats. True believers expect everyone to be on their side...


Hey Patrick,

I came over here to consult your list of birthers and found you had a new post up. I enjoyed reading it! It's nice to have another one of your summaries to peruse.


I hope to see more excellent posts from you.


Won't you stay, just a little bit longer --
Please, please stay, just a little bit.....


When did TD go private? That ruined my day. I check in after 2-3 years away from the birther sites and it is password protected.

How many post-election challenges were there? Was it mostly their "following orders" and "advisory opinion" tripe?



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